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Data Services & Software

Quantitative research and data science methods are becoming increasingly common across all disciplines. The University of Virginia has multiple centers that provide resources and services for data analysis, wrangling, and visualization.

Data Services | Software Support | Data Sources

Data Services


Data Discovery & Access

UVA Library's Data Discovery service works with researchers to identify existing data sources and provides support for querying and downloading datasets from multiple software tools and online databases. Email us at:

Research Data Management Support

The UVA Library's Research Data Management service works with researchers in understanding and meeting funder’s requirements, including assistance in drafting and reviewing data management plans, selecting appropriate active data storage, choosing a repository, and preparing research data for archiving. Email us at


The UVA Library's StatLab provides advice and training in data analysis, statistical and computational methods, visualization, and data wrangling to University of Virginia researchers through individual consulting and workshops in a variety of environments (e.g., R, Python, Stata, SPSS, SAS). Email us at:

Law School

Legal Data Lab

The University of Virginia Legal Data Lab supports empirically-oriented faculty an student research at the Law School. The Lab uses data science solutions to help clients better understand and explain complex legal phenomena. This is a free service.

School of Medicine

Bioinformatics Core

The UVA Bioinformatics Core provides statistical support and bioinformatics data analysis for the enormous amount of data typically generated from high-throughput microarray and next-generation sequencing experiments. This is a paid service.

BioMedical Informatics Division

The BioMedical Informatics Division in the Department of Public Health Sciences provides Consulting & Collaboration Support to assist researchers with study design, data analysis, statistical graphics, outcomes and comparative effectiveness research, data base development and management and other multidisciplinary analytical services, such as evaluation methods, surveys and community engagement strategies. This is a paid service.

Research & Data Services @ Claude Moore Health Sciences Library

The team at Research and Data Services at the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library (Data @ HSL) helps guide researchers, students, and medical professionals in finding biomedical data, cleaning and wrangling the data, analyzing the data, and creating publication-ready visualizations through one-on-one consultations and workshops. See the Data @ HSL Workshops for a list of current course offerings.

Public Health Sciences @ Claude Moore Health Sciences Library

The Public Health Sciences, in partnership with the Claude Moore Health Science Library Research & Data Services, works with researchers to address questions about research methods and statistics of a basic and introductory nature. This free service is available to University of Virginia faculty, staff and students in the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and Health system.

Software Support

ITS Software Gateway

The access point for University-licensed research software. Categories include: Assistive Technologies; Connectivity & Remote Access; Data Analysis & Research; Microsoft; Programming & Productivity; and Servers.

Research Software Support

The UVA Library's Research Software Support, in partnership with ITS, distributes University-licensed research software titles and helps researchers access, install and use the software. Most of  titles are availale from the ITS Software Gateway, Email us at

Data Sources

Libra Data (Local UVA Dataverse Instance) 

Many research projects share their data in disciplinary or institutional repositories. Datasets and other final, publishable products of research born at UVA may be submitted to Libra Data in order to preserve them and make them accessible worldwide. In addition to sharing your own collections this way, you can search this and other existing repositories for relevant secondary data.  Learn more about Libra Data.

Licensed Data

The UVA Library manages a collection of datasets and licensed data for academic research and teaching purposes, including:

Contact UVA Library’s Data Discovery at to learn more.

Clinical Data Repository (CDR)

The Clinical Data Repository (CDR) is a data warehouse containing information about patients seen at the University of Virginia Health System. It provides researchers, clinicians, and students with direct access to detailed, flexible and rapid retrospective views of de-identified clinical and financial patient data.